About us

LEHA was formed in the year 2015 and registered under the name LEHA self-help group. LEHA was formed due to concerns from the rural LBQ community in Mount Kenya region for they were being left out in important happenings which included but not limited to less involvement in the movement building and participation. LBQ persons in these region faced a lot of incidents which included corrective rape, physical and verbal assault, denial of entry to recreational spaces, unlawful dismissals from employment, unlawful evictions, expulsion from schools as well as neglect and ostracization by family members and supportive structures. This is due to the fact that most of the LBQ were/are not affiliates of any group because they were/are in the closest and inactive thus making it very hard to access services, opportunities, recognition in case of any emergencies as well as inadequate access to information regarding health and rights of the LGBTIQ persons in Kenya.

Our Mission

To ensure that LBQ persons have access to quality SRH and psychosocial services without violation of human rights.

Our Vision

To advocate for LBQ persons in central Kenya region against discrimination, human rights violation and have access to quality health care.

LEHA’s Core Values

The top reasons for you to join us
We are efficient, transparent and responsibly apply resources entrusted to us for optimal benefits to our beneficiaries.
We consistently live for our commitments and hold ourselves to the highest level of moral and ethical uprightness and honesty
We put forth our personal and professional best to deliver to the satisfaction of the set and maintain the gold standard
We are passionate about our mission and vision, we go beyond the call to deliver that supersedes our beneficiaries and partners expectations.
We are trailblazers, we boldly take leadership on new frontiers and question the status quo and undertake change where need be.

our great Leaders

Qualified Leadership at LEHA