LEHA implements programs that are innovative, adaptive and targeted;

1. SIRI Wednesday

#SIRI is an online platform where members can share their pressing issues anonymously as a way of psychosocial support. #SIRI which happens every Wednesday has increased the online participation and members are able to provide feedback/ advice to issues raised anonymously.

2. Peer to peer health education sessions

LEHA has 15 trained LBQ Peer educators who are able to reach grassroot LBQ persons with health information, commodities while also responding to violence at the ground.

3. Psychosocial Support Groups

Psychosocial support anonymous; LEHA has organized psychosocial support anonymous groups for individuals who have ever experienced discrimination of any sort and those who have experienced traumatic situations. These groups are led by a qualified LBQ friendly psychologists who provide one on one sessions and group therapy. The psychologist also provides private sessions for those individuals who require more attention depending on need..

4. Round Table Discussion Groups

Advocacy round table discussion: due to inadequacy of information on LBQ rights, LEHA conducts monthly round table discussions where self-advocacy is highly emphasized, thus members are equipped with knowledge and skills to ensure that they avoid human rights violation and are able to speak up and defend themselves when stigmatized or discriminated especially by the general public.

5. Commodities distribution

LEHA has repackaged condoms and lubricants to make them appealing for LBQ persons uptake and utilization

6. Bio medical services provision

LEHA provides Sexual Reproductive Health services which included, HIV testing and counselling, family planning, STI screening and treatment, Cervical cancer and breast cancer screening, through the drop in center and also community based outreaches at the grassroot level.

7. Provision of COVID relief food and essentials

Due to the Impact of COVID 19 Many LBQ persons were laid off their job and couldn’t provide basic needs for their families. LEHA provided its members with food and essential commodities

8. LEHA Safe space

LEHA has opened a safe space that provides a place for the LBQ persons to come relax as they unwind they receive behavioral and biomedical services.

9. LEHA Linking and learning program

Through the support of The VOICE LEHA was able to showcase its work in a linking and learning program held in Zazibar.


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