Alexia Kagendo


Kagendo is an African, Kenyan gender non-conforming queer person who is among the founders of LEHA. Their passion for social work drove them to do community-centered targeted programing for rural LBQ persons in fight for equality of their human rights - with a focus on sexual and gender minorities. Their contribution stirs uncomfortable conversations regarding the religious, cultural and constitutional practices that put the rural LBQ GNC community at high risk of human rights violations (yet are rarely spoken about for they are considered a taboo).

Kagendo currently possesses a Diploma in Community Development and Social Work, a Certificate in HIV Testing Services (HTS), and has accumulated over 6 years experience working for the community as a social worker. They also have certificates in short courses such as Leadership, Harm Reduction, Paralegalism and Violence Response.

"We are as strong as our weakest link."