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Someone mentioned that today is No Tobacco day and I thought well I should write an article on this,

Some relatives once mentioned that the only way to smoke cigarrettes is when you have well mantained nails,

Preferably polished; am not sure who made this rule but I think it is for the polished,

My first encounters with tobacco was a long time back,

My first love used tobacco by placing it under the their lips and would have some high from it,

Driven by curiosity and peer pressure, I tried that after our first shared meal

And well, I puked my guts out,

Had awful nausea and promised myself not to dare try that again.

Fast forward to a few years back when I met some of my closest friends,

We used to hangout on Sunday evenings for Karaoke on the infamous balcony,

Most if not all of them smoked regularly,

So once in a while I would try one especially when everyone was smoking,

For a while I became a social smoker,

Well this went on for a bit, up until my chest started complaining ,

I would cough my lungs out and have itchiness in my nostrils.

The irritation was not worth the recreation so I had to stop,

As we speak, I cannot stand the smell of anything tobacco so much that I have to leave a room when someone starts smoking.

Do I have a conclusion about this piece ?Highly doubt..ooh on a second thought..

Goodbye May…June is almost here.

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