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Merry Christmas
Happy holidays
To all queer persons reading this
I hope you have family to celebrate with

Chosen family too counts
I send hugs to all that don’t have family
I send love to those that have been disowned
You are loved, you are valued

Find someone to smile with,
If two or more gather…
Be happy even for a day over the holidays
Smile genuinely with people that truly accept you

I send more love to those that have to go home to toxic families
Hang in there my queer folks
The holidays will be over soon
Talk to someone
Don’t sink alone

You deserve joy
You deserve a good calm meal
You deserve to dance your heart out
Coz you my darlings are amazing!!!

Let’s smile all the way to 2022
As we find things that bring us joy
For we truly are jewels
Treasures in all ways.

Keep Smiling,
Purple Diva

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